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2013 GT500-style upper and lower grills for '07--'09

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One of the really distinctive things about the 2013 is their minimal grills, which improve cooling and increase downforce. I think there would be a lot of interest in offering something similar for the '07-'09 GT500.


Since it is only the internal area of the grill that would differ, it doesn't seem that this would be too difficult to do -- just provide a place on the driver's side of the upper grill for mounting the snake (and wings) and maybe offer 3"-diameter brake cooling inlets in the lower grill to allow '07-09 GT500 owners the opportunity to improve the airflow to the brakes by making it possible to use a larger diameter hose.


Given the popularity of retrofitting the 2013 grills to the 2010-2012 cars, I think an '07-'09 version would have a strong market.

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