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5th annual Texas Shelby Get Together


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HUGE apologies for not posting this sooner but life is crazy busy lately.


This has been posted on all the Texas Shelby Facebook pages for weeks but I know some are not on Facebook.


Here are the details:


The actual drive will be Saturday May 25th. We will meet as usual in the Kerrville High School Football field parking lot at 9am. We will leave promptly at 9:30 for our drive. We will be doing the Three Twisted Sisters Loop so plan on about 220 miles. We will have a stop for lunch around 12:30 or 1.


The host hotel is the Y.O, Ranch Hotel and Conference center in Kerrville for $129 a night with free buffet breakfast. That rate is available for both Fri and Sat nights.



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Texas Hill Country Cruise people: I need a response to this ASAP please. I am having trouble finding a restaurant that will take our group in Kerrville on Saturday. Mamacitas will give us their private dinning room provided we have at least 25 people and we agree to the Fajita buffet (beef & chicken plus all the fixins and non alcoholic drinks) for $15 per person. I'll put up the $375 if we decide to do this. Please let me know. A S A P! PM me or email me!

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I wish you would have posted this much sooner, I am working Sat. Too late to take it off now. Always wanted to make this trip, just never works out. You need to do a fall event.



I know, I know. I get into a grove just posting to Facebook because I can reach so many people so easily rather than try to hit all the Mustang websites.


We have done fall events in the past, but that is a VERY busy time for events! Again, my apologies for not posting sooner here.

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