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My GT500 vs. my C/S

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Why is it that my 2009 California Special GT with 13,000 miles, clutch, gear shift, handling and ride is much better than my 07 GT500 vert with 3000 miles on it. I have owned several Shelby's and Mustangs and I must say the C/S is real tight and better in those dept's Maybe I should lower the 500?



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I think you nailed it, WEIGHT that you can not get rid of and the stock suspension is more for Touring. Great GT car, I do not think you will ever be able to make it feel as nimble as your C/S, but you can certainly make it handle better.


Nice Cars!!!!!!!!!

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Unless you've lowered your CS, it is standard Mustang GT suspension and handling. I think the two biggest reasons that the earlier GT500's don't handle as well is due to the extra (400 lbs?) weight they carry over the GT, most of which is on the front end. Lowering and stiffening would definitely help.

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Hard to compare the two. I drove my son's 06 GT vert when we were visiting them last August, rode good, but I didn't think that much different than my 07 GT 500 vert. His is an automatic, but I didn't notice THAT much difference between them, except for the horsepower, of course. BTW, his car appears to be stock (he's the 3rd owner), but that thing doesn't seem to be a lot farther off the ground than my GT 500! I drug the front valance on several curbs!

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