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" Route Wix Collectibles " 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C ,1:24 scale.

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SOLD NOW ,,,,,Hello All,,, I have for sale a new ,still in box ,,1;24 scale diecast " Wix collectible" 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C car ,,this item comes with box ,and a ( Certificate of Authenticity ) , " car is not signed "by Mr.Shelby ,,but is a licensed item by Carroll Shelby Licensing .Inc .,,I bought this back in 2007 and these are hard to fine now days ,,asking $40 .00 with FREE shipping to you in USA 48 states ,,,PayPal is good ,just put in my email address ,which is RMSwitzer@cableone.net ,,and PLEASE pay me as a gift at PayPal when paying me ,,,thanks ,,here is a picture of the item / car I have for sale here now ,,,thanks for looking ,,,,$T2eC16VHJHwE9n8iiI,JBRSNRT),Ow~~60_57.jpg,,,,,,, :salute: ,,this car is Shelby blue with white stripes . ,,very detail car inside and out / and underside .,,,,please send me a email or PM if you have any questions ,,or need more info . ( car is a Special Edition Promotion ) ,,,, SOLD NOW .


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