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Instructions links broken

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It appears some instructions that used to be hosted on Team Shelby are missing...


As chronosafe pointed out in this thread: http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/80983-shelby-grille-wing-install-instructions/

there are broken links for the instructions for the GT500 wing emblem kit, perhaps the instructions were missed in the site move? I thought I'd post in this forum as well since it impacts items on the SPP site.


I don't know if other items are impacted, but here is the link to the grill emblem kit in the store:


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Yes, we're building a whole new Instructions Webpage on Shelby's main site. The fact that Shelby Performance Parts had our Instructions hosted on Team Shelby was a little goofy. It was also incomplete and out-of-date. Our new site will get Instructions for EVERYTHING, including any new product when it's introduced.

The new site will be fully populated with the Instructions we have so far this upcoming week.



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Can anyone point me in the right direction for installation instructions for the Shelby Extreme front and rear brakes? Also, the Fays 2 Watts Link?

I couldn't find it anywhere tonight!!

Thank you,

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We are moving all the Instruction Sheets to a new location.

BTW, in your case, they are included in the boxes with each product.




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