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scuff plate inserts - adhesion

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Does anybody else have any experience replacing the GT-H scuff plate inserts? I got a new set and despite efforts to really clean the Mustang scuff plate area, I'm having difficulty getting consistent adhesion of the inserts using the pre installed Shelby supplied mounting tape.


As you may know, the Ford scuff plates are the same as the v6 and have an embossed plastic "MUSTANG" lettering design which doesn't allow a flat finish for anything to attach to:



I'm getting buckling of the GT-H inserts because of this when trying to mount it flat and it won't stick. How did Shelby original mount these to avoid this problem? Anybody else having this problem?


Too bad the inserts are not real rigid aluminum...more like a foil coated rubber.


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They are installed, but they are not sticking. I guess I'll resort to gobbing up the area with lots of glue and hope it doesn't seep out and make a mess. I have also considered mounting the plates with trim spray adhesive to pieces of solid aluminum and then mounting that down to give it some rigidity so it will stick better? Problem is that raises the profile a little and exposes it potentially to actual scuffing damage (which is NOT hard to do to these parts).

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I've replaced both of mine and didn't have a problem with them sticking properly/laying flat. Could be you got some bad 2-sided tape on yours. Have you asked for replacements just to check that theory?

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