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Deep Impact Blue

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This is a follow up to my earlier post of today regarding my return to Shelby. I am still working on my 2014 GT 500 order and would like to ask if any members know the difference between the current Deep Impact Blue and what I believe was called Kona Blue (which I liked) in pre-2013 GT 500's? Thanks.

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Twitch, I just saw some great pictures of a Deep Impact Blue GT500 with white stripes on the Legendary Motor Car Company web site and I can see why you bought that color. The DIB color is very much like the blue used by Shelby on his AC Cobras and is awsome. This made up my mind and my order is going in on Monday for this color combo.

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Another in front of an SR-71!





Car looks great and I am glad I ordered that color combo. Nice shot with the SR-71 in the back ground! I am old enough to remember when those bad boys replaced the U2s.

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Did you do stripes? If so, what color?



Yes, I am going old school with the white stripes since the color combo reminds me of some of the original Shelby AC Cobras.By the way,myfast 70, I have seen some posts on other sites that the DIB can look purple under certain light conditions which now disturbs me. Have you seen this with your Shelby?.

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