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Seeing the light behind the wheel of a Shelby


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Seeing the light behind the wheel of a Shelby


Bruce Hotchkiss / Pacifica Tribune Columnist


When anyone with an ounce of car knowledge hears that name they immediately conjure up an image of a fire-breathing, Ford V8 powered car either with an AC body or a Mustang modified by the Master. Sure there have been other Shelby's, Chrysler products mostly with hopped up 4-cylinders. Shelby has always built complete cars; cars that went, stopped and handled much better than their original design.


Shelby, even now without the Master at the helm in body, builds Mustangs that Ford couldn't or wouldn't build for a myriad of reasons. How about the Shelby 1000, a Mustang with up to 1,100 horsepower?


But Shelby American has turned its attention once again to a 4-cylinder, a 2013 Focus ST. I recently had the opportunity to drive one and I am here to tell you that I have seen the light! Halleluiah!



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