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ARH LT catted X-pipe and Corsa Sport mufflers

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I know there has been a number of questions in the past about the Corsa Sport mufflers and what they sound like on the new GT500s. Here is a video of what this combination sounds like. Interior noise while cruising is actually quieter and drone free, even when compared to the stock set up, but once you hit the throttle the roar is smile inducing. The only mods done to the engine are the headers with catted X-pipe, Borla mandrel bent 2.75" mid-pipes and Corsa sport mufflers. A very impressive gain in power. The base line dyno run was done on a very hot day compared to this dyno run and maybe why there is such a large difference in power.


Thanks Van at Revan Racing for your help in getting the headers and answering my questions.



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