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Hunting for correct fuel pressure at startup


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Is it normal on cold startup for the car to hunt for the correct fuel pressure for a few seconds? When I start my car, it starts with an aggressive blip of fuel, dies down to a point of almost running out of fuel, and then returns to a normal fuel pressure/idle. This all happens in about 3 seconds. Is this normal? I have the GT500 fuel pump, 38 lb injectors, and the Whipple HO.




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When I turn on the ignition I get a jump in fuel pressure and then it drops but not below a indicated 20 psi. Once the engine starts the fuel pressure is at what ever the normal demand is. Hope that helps you.

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I'm not supercharged, but I'll offer up my assistance. Mine does the same thing, and only when the engine is cold. I've asked my tuner about it and he said that it was the way the car interacts with the tune and that it's not a big deal as long as the car doesn't stall out. It has done this consistently for me for almost a year now and has never stalled. If this is new for you then it might be a sign of something, but I don't think it's a huge deal. Just something to keep an eye on.

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