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2010 Shelby GT500 wheel / rim help

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We just saw that we have some damage to our 2010 Shelby GT500 front passenger side OEM wheel/rim. Anyone have one to sell or repair options? Ford wants $1200. There has to be one out there that someone took off and has sitting in their garage.

19" wheel is what we have.


click here for the photos of the damage








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There are several national wheel repair chains, the one I used was www.awrswheelrepair.com this was 2 years ago. They came to the house, picked up the wheel & brought it back repaired. Sitting next to another undamaged wheel, I couldn't tell the difference.....$ 200.00 @ the time.....found these listed in Ill....



















Territories: City of Rockford & Northwest Illinois




Gregg DeVries




815-632-9999 | greggdevries@awrswheelrepair.com










Territories: DuPage




John Newton | 630-927-5336








Glenn Stazak | 630-209-7597














Territories: North Cook & Lake




Mitch Ejnik | 847-382-8746 | northernil@awrswheelrepair.com










Territories: Will & South Cook




Sam Shehayber | 708-574-5151 | samshehayber@awrswheelrepair.com








Mike Shehayber | 708-574-5705 | mikeshehayber@awrswheelrepair.com








Wally Shehayber | 708-574-5677 | wallyshehayber@awrswheelrepair.com










Territories: Rock Island County, Peoria County, Illinois




Rodney Hudepohl




319-373-8200 | rodney@easterniowawheelrepair.com






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Found the damage yesterday 05-01-13 at about 4pm, had it repaired and back in the corral today 05-02-13 at 12:30PM. Fixed by www.awrswheelrepair.com, you cant even tell the damage was there. The rim actually looks better because it is cleaner than all the rest now!! If you have some curb rash on a rim this is the company to go to lifetime warranty!

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