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I beleive we're as passionate about


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Gentlemen (and ladies),


My allocation is rolling in and I again would like to offer my services to help some of you find cars. I have GT350's IN STOCK, Shelby Focus IN STOCK, GT500's IN STOCK and allocations. I believe I'm as passionate about these cars as you are and I only wish someone like me was available when I was looking to buy my cars. Rich Ford is behind Shelby American 110%!! My sole responsibility is to help promote the brand and keep owner's completely, utterly, and absolutely satisfied. I will happily incorporate any car upgrades into your financing. I will keep you informed of awesome group buys we have on Shelby and other major aftermarket manufacturer products. We have a growing resource of both online and video to improving both the performance of your car, and the nut behind the wheel. Our commitment last long after your purchase is complete, and we're the only dealer in the Nation that has a 100% dedicated staff to Hyperformance Ford products. This also includes Raptors as we're the largest SVT Raptor dealer in the Nation. Our Raptor Roundup in June attracts 500 trucks each year. We have the very first production Shelby Raptor and the very first production Shelby Focus. I ship from coast to coast....


Please allow me the opportunity to offer a 100% perfect Shelby experience.


Jeff Bronstein

Direct Line: (800)694-9625

Email: HyperStangs@Rich-Ford.com

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