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Super Snake Upgrade.........A Question For Amy

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I am on the fence regarding ordering a 2008 GT 500. I love the GT 500 as is but the SS package is what will finally put me over the edge (depending on price) for getting one. God I love the SS's looks and the possibilities regarding performance!!!!


I am on the email reserve list for the SS package with SAI, but was wondering if will we eventually be getting a confirmation that we are within the number of individuals who will definitely be able to receive a SS upgrade in the event that the numbers are limited. Knowing I am within the number to be able to upgrade my GT 500 would be the determining factor in ordering/purchasing one.


Thanks Amy for all you and SAI do,



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A few more comments and question for Amy,


I wouldn't use SS as a moniker since Chevy is allegedly coming out with the Corvette SS unless someone has inside information that Chevy is adopting some other badge.


Amy, with all that horsepower and torque in the Super Snake are you going to use at least 20x10 rims in the rear, all that horsepower without the proper contact patch would be fruitless.

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