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Well, I sold My SGT-C 2 years ago and my 07 Hertz in January, I was trying to decide what to do, and it was a hard choice. Even attempted to buy another 08 SGT-C, contact the gentleman I sold my car to, but I ended going with the Boss 302. Just Purchased a 2012 Kona Blue, #2995. The car is just amazing.


Thanks to my friend Sherri (MSMAP) for giving me a ride to pick it up


Pictures soon

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Louis, I am so happy for you. You are going to love this vehicle-------- and I will bet you will soon say it's one of the best Mustangs yet........


As you know, it was a hard choice, but the car does drive completely different. Maybe I can still get a SGT-C again down the road. Thanks for your advice and opinions

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Congrats!!! I love Boss 302's!!


Sherri, also, is one of the coolest, elderly, Texas friend's I have....











Just seeing if Sherri will respond...LOL...she's NOT elderly...



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