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drag slicks and griggs


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i have a 2010 gt500 with a griggs gr40 suspension system. i am not an avid drag racer, but i like to go to the strip with my friends. i run a pair of stock 1994ish gt rims (16x7) with some et streets when i do go and they fit fine. i opted for the '315 kit' on my griggs set up, but i feel like the bottom of the coil-over would interfere with a 15" rim. i would like to run a pair of rears for drag racing that are 10" wide, but afraid to pay the money before i know they will fit.





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Not sure if you might encounter a clearance issue with your Griggs suspension, but you definitely will have to install some rear swaybar relocation brackets to be able to fit a 15" wheel in the back.

For the strip I ended up running some M&H 325/50R15s on Racestar 15" x 10" wheels.

I also did the upper bumpstop bracket removal and bumpstop relocation as well though, for extra clearance back there.

Those 325s sure give it a nasty look.


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