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How hard to do the clutch swap, have a lift, and best aftermarket clutch.


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My 2008 GT550 with 24,000 miles just started to have the clutch slip today.

Called my dealer service he said they never did a GT500 clutch and knew nothing (small town Shelby, Ohio).

So I am thinking about doing it myself ?!?!?

Can anyone help with the procedure and what all in involved?

I have a lift available.

I have done clutches before but nothing so new.


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As for the clutch, I just had mine replaced with a McLeod RXT.

Very good clutch.

After break-in, shifts are very smooth and precise.

A real pleasure to drive.

As for installing yourself, not sure. It seems quite involved. The tech had to drop the tranny, x pipe and drive shaft.

Maybe you could find a driveline shop in your area.

Good luck.

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I'm in the middle of this myself, and having trouble. I pulled the exhaust, driveshaft, wiring, starter and 5 out of 7 bolts. Can't seem to get at the top 2 bolts on the bellhousing. I've pulled the crossmember and tipped the whole assembly as far back as I can until the hoses/hardware behind the blower are crunching up against the firewall.

When I get to those two bolts, all that's left is the hydraulic fitting from the slave cylinder. I've never done a hydraulic clutch before, not sure what to expect there either.


I went with the Spec SS trim clutch after a lot of research. I've also got a new MGW shifter to go on, I wanted something a bit more precise than the Shelby 6 speed shifter I put on a few years ago.

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