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What is the SVT# for Ron Pratte's 1st 2007 GT500


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Hi Everyone,


Going to the Half Moon Bay Dream Machines show with my SVT#12 and I am making an informational display for it. I want to reference just what 2007 SVT#12 means. To do that I want to mention that AZ developer Ron Pratte bought the first new 2007 GT500 that is in his museum now and it's VIN# ends in...001 but my question is what is the SVT# for that car?


If this forum cannot answer this question then I guess no one knows!


Thanks Everyone


MSB Mustang / Mark

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Steve thanks for the phone # for SVT. I will try them tomorrow when they are open. Since we know the VIN# you would think it would be OK to give to the SVT# out.(?)

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Hi Robert L,


Yes that is possible...but actually it is not the case. I forgot to mention that we verified several years ago that my build date was also before the build date of Ron's 0001 GT500. I need to go back and dig those dates up again. Can’t do it tonight however because it is midnight now and I am still not ready for the Dream Machines Show at the Half Moon Bay Airport tomorrow. I am helping set up and park cars I have to be there at 6:30am…dang!


But the key question still remains...


What is the SVT# for Ron Pratte’s GT500 VIN# 1ZVHT88S475200001? I guess I will not be able to include that info in my display tomorrow at the show next to my GT500 SVT#12.


Thanks - MSB Mustang / Mark

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