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shelby collectibles 50th ann cards


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Hi Gene,


Any chance you can post pictures ? I would like to update my SC "Master List" and I would like to see them. Thanks.




scott, let me work on that for you. text me 918-381-4211 I can sent text pics and hope that will help you....

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I picked up 3 new ones that I did not have. I got the red Daytona Coupe, the blue Cobra, and a Blue 2008 Shelby GT. Theres another TRU on my way home that I'll stop by tonight. There were a couple of extra Daytona Coupes, so I do have those if anybody needs. One has a rear rubber tire that is pushed off the wheel if anybody is into those error ones. I'll try to post pictures tonight.


I also picked up a new Road Racer car of the Nastasi/James Continental Challenge Mustang that I did not have.


I found a different Cobra that I did not have at the other TRU. Here's the 4 that I did not have:



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Sorry I'm having camera issues, but this is a link to a complete set of the 4 cars for sale on flea-bay...


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I wonder if that store found a box or something which they hadn't put out in the past. I already have those 4 in that auction from when these were first put out. I have been checking local stores and they have not seen any new shipments of these coming through.



I haven't seen either of the 06/07 H cars. I have 3 of the 66 H cars on the 50th cards.

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Does anyone know if a 2006 /2007 Shelby GT-H is available?

Here's a link to one for sale on ebay. It's an '06 GT-H coupe.Obviously an older release, as you can tell by the card. Still pretty nice.


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In looking at some of my earlier purchases, the 'R' and the anniversary GT-350 seem to be from a previous release, possibly the Mejiers release earlier in the year, or late last year. I don't see the #98 Cobra, although ther was a black 427 S/C in that previous mix.

Yes, the '07 GT-H also came out on the early card as well.

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