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First Mod Done Today.....


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One week into ownership, and let the mods begin... 20% all around done this morning....So much better. :happy feet: :happy feet:

Next up, I gotta get rid of those egg yolk corner markers up front. They just don't go........



I felt like I was in a fish bowl.......Results...... :drool: :drool:





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Nice, any performance mods in the plan ?



Thank you. Not sure on the performance mods yet. I spent so much time and money modding my 05, taking it from bone stock all the way up to forced induction, and everything in between. Also, this car was one of the few Ford Certified Pre Owned I found. So there is another 5 years of warranty on her. At this point, probably only do a tune and possibly a CAI, so it could be put back to stock fairly easily. That, plus the fact that I am still getting used to the new found power of this one, compared to the 05 or our Bullitt.........It truly is a great combination of power and luxury the way it sits!!!



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