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Shelby Raptor Take Off Parts

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We want to clarify Shelby's position on take off parts for the Raptor program.


Should you wish to upgrade your Raptor's wheels/tires with the optional Shelby ones, you can retain your original wheels/tires with one of the following options:


1. Arrange with your shipper to pickup and ship your original wheels/tires along with your Shelby Raptor. You must contact your shipper in advance and you must make certain that your shipping contact clearly states that the driver is taking the wheels/tires along with your Raptor. Your wheels/tires must ship with your Raptor at the same time.


2. Arrange with the Shelby sales office to have Shelby pallet and ship your wheels/tires back to you via freight. You should inquire about this option when you're placing your order with Shelby.


3. If you're picking up your Shelby Raptor, you're also welcome to take the wheels/tires with you at the same time,


* You can elect to abandon your wheels/tire at Shelby, however, we are not able to credit you.

* All other take off parts will be retained by Shelby.


Shelby Sales Office or phone 702.942.7325


Shelby American's Raptor Page.

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Whether the Raptor or the Shelby Mustangs I don't see how this is good news for the customer...


These are post title packages meaning we already bought the car so then we are paying big bucks for these packages yet they keep the take-off parts from our cars which we already own, am I the only one that says WTF with this idea?

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