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Indy 500 2013 - Shelby Events/Parking?


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I do not know of any "Shelby" events going on during that time, there may be a car show or two during the month of may that would be worth attending. If you are planning on driving your Shelby to Indy, I would definitly find someone close to the track with a garage or secured parking area. I would NOT park mine in the infield (paddock or not) and leave the car unattended. Most of the parking in the infield is not secured and open for anyone to walk around, and with the alcohol cunsumption going on there it is always a good possibility of someone dragging a cooler down the side or purses hitting the car and such. If you do come into town it is a great event, not only for racing but many other things that happen during that time. Let me know when you will be here and maybe we can get together for a drink, always look forward to meeting a Shelby enthusiast.

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Last year our local Mustang club was invited by the local Corvette club to accompany them to Community Day at the track. Biggest reason for going is you get to drive your own car ON THE TRACK! (Slowly, but still really cool!)


Well worth the price of admission. Here's the link: http://www.500festiv...s/community-day

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