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Caliper pins replacement - grease or loctite?


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Just finished replacing my front and rear brake pads last weekend on my 2011 GT500.


When I replaced the caliper bolts on the rear brakes, I applied Loctite to keep them in place (based on my friends recommendation). The bolts were tightened to spec.


After doing some research, I'm wondering if should have used anti-seize lube instead of Loctite on the bolts.


Trying to figure out -- if using Loctite was not necessary, is having it on the bolts going to cause an issue down the road (other than making removal more difficult for the next pad/roter change?


Just for clarification, I'm talking about the caliper bolt for the actual caliper assembly, not the caliper bracket.





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I would have only put an anti seize on the bolts & torque them , I would thing you will have a hard time removing them on the next pad change. Hopefully you only used Blue lock-tite. I have never had a problem with them coming loose.

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You are supposed to use blue lock tite. In fact Ford recommends that the bolts be replaced. The new bolts come with blue lock tite already applied.



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