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Where are our TS Grand National Track Drivers?


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In speaking to Tony about something else, the topic came up about a current shortfall in track

sign ups for this year compared to last year.


What's the difference this year?


For those of you who attended last year, what's keeping you away so far? (If you were there, you

know just how much fun it is.)


For those of you who haven't done this but are planning to attend Carlisle, what's the roadblock?

Vacation days? Cost?


I can understand legit reasons, but not the fear of getting the car dirty. I have heard the rumor that

NE folk tend to be more show than go. Say it ain't so.




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I did not add the track day last year as price put it beyond my budget, but I was there for the cruise to Carlisle. This year, price would have also been a factor however I won't be able to do track or Carlisle as the dates conflict with other pre-planned activities unfortunately. The other problem with Summit Point, for me, is that it is so far away. In the future I think it would be much better (for the general NE population) if TS could manage to run the track event at Pocono or Lime Rock. Pocono is only 2 hours E/NE from Carlisle.







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