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Tough times for Vic...keep him in your thoughts.

Hot Pony

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For those of you who have not heard, Vic has run across some real tough times. :cry:


He and Joyce are now homeless and are living out of their Shelby. Some have tried to convince Vic to sell the Shelby so he could afford a place to live, but noooo....... that doesn't work for Vic. You see, Vic would rather be homeless, without the modern conveniences like indoor plumbing, air conditioning or even a refrigerator to keep his beer cold than get rid of his precious car.


For all you die hard Shelby fans, we now have a new hero to look up to........Vic Shemwell. :worship:

Lets hear it for Vic. :cheerleader:


Please offer him your best wishes when you get a chance. Let him know that all his Shelby brothers and sisters are pulling for him.


It is hard to put into words, the pride, conviction, sense of loyalty which expresses the true commitment this man has for the Shelby community. If I didn't know any better I would bet Vic has Blue Oval petroleum running through his veins.


I am attaching a couple of pictures for those of you who have never had the honor of meeting Vic. You can now see what a real devoted TS member looks like.


For those of you who would like to contribute to the "Vic Shemwell benefit" please send cash and any new or lightly used Shelby parts to Hot pony. I will make sure it gets delivered to Vic at which ever Walmart parking lot he is residing in at that time. :spend:


Good luck from all your buddies...... :rockon:





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Vic, you shoulda told us you were cruising the Smokies with us to see your new house. Looks like a great place, with a garage for the Shelby, too. Great find! We can have a helluva house-warming party, lots of wood for the bonfire.




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Ok everyone,


Just got word a few minutes ago, Vic and his Wife will no longer be homeless as of 10 AM today.


They close on a "new house to them" this morning.... :yahoo:


Rumor has it, his wife was buying furniture while Vic was dumpster diving for furniture...I guess they dont talk? :shrug:














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