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Ride of a 2010-2012 compare to 2013


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I have only driven a 2011, and finding a 2013 to test drive is difficult. I have not decided on which car but my question is can the 10-12 be modded for a better ride without breaking the bank. I have heard the 2013 ride is superior to the older style. I do not care so much about the extra hp as much as saving 20k but if spending a couple of thousand on suspension and having a great riding and handing car would definitely influence my decision.


I am sure some of you have done just this. How did it work out, any regrets


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It's not any "better" or "worse" per se - just different. And if you choose the SVTPP, you get two modes to choose from - firm and firmer.


One could certainly opt for the adjustable FR-3 Pack on a '12 and, but for push button actuation, not have any lesser a suspension. In fact, you gain wheel-selectable control.


I personally find the '13 to be much more "work" to drive. The clutch is much heavier and the shorter gearing means paying more attention when starting from a dead stop. I'd much rather drive the '12 like a grand tourer than the '13 which I'd drive far more aggressively.


I actually owned both together for several months. In the end, owninf that particular pair in perpetuity became just to difficult to rationalize. I ultimately opted for a second '13, plus a 5.0-based car that eventuay will be far more track biased than any GT500 can be made to be - be it a 302, GT350 Conversion or a modded GT with all the perfoemance and handling benefit buy without the Shelby brand premium tacked on.


I've redone my '13 Coupe's rear suspension with billet components, LCA relo brackets, a Watts Linkage, the 302 rear seat brace and Ford Racing Tower Strut brace and the FR-3 springs and bars. It's as precise a handling GT500 as I've ever driven, but not necessarily the best riding because I ultimately eliminated all the components Ford chose to provide a balance between aggression and a comfortable enough ride for daily driving.



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