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FE reunion Beaver Springs Drag Way

old school

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If anyone has a BigBlock FE Powered Ford & would like to Race / Show or just do some time runs come Sat.4/27 to Beaver Springs Drag Way Pa. They have rented the Track just for FE powered Ford Cars .I'll be driving my 70' up along with a friend and his 69' for some fun!




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Ok, did that fox body actually have an FE in it? Trust me, I've tried, I don't think it's possible. With the tightest oilpan, custom k member and rack, I still barely got the valve covers to fit under the hood. I ended up with to many bumpsteer problems and had to give up.


I love FE motors. I still have the 390 out of the '70 F-150 I bought when I was 14 (a very long time ago) Truck is gone, but I still have the engine. '70 block .060, '61 406 police heads (tall port), custom cam, adjustable rockers, holley single plane manifold with predator toilet bowl carb. Big truck ran high 13's here at mile high. Was my high school drags truck. Still waiting to find the right home for this engine. Need to find me a '67 Mustang.

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