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Shelby GT on reality TV show "Car Chasers"

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Anyone catch the recent episode of Car Chasers? This is one of those "reality" shows like Fast N' Loud but is shown on CNBC.


Anyway a recent episode titled "Gangster Squad" had a segment where the shop owners were trying to flip a modified 2007 Shelby GT to a exporter of american muscle cars. This black SGT was highly modified to look more like a CS6 than a stock SGT. What really caught my attention was how they promoted the SGT as a "2007 Shelby Cobra" and how it rare it was being as they claimed, one of four built with an automatic transmission. I'll never understand how people keep throwing the Cobra name around when describing a Shelby GT and where did they ever come up with one of four automatic cars?


If you are to believe the shows script, the shop owners claim to have purchased the car for $21k, offered it to the broker for $32k and settled on $24k by the end of the shows segment.


One other strange item was that there was a Shelby American banner hung up in the background of their shop but for some reason the banner was blurred out in editing.


Reality TV, gotta take it for what it is.



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