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theres an '09 gt500 in my area, currently have 06 C6 F55 have many Questions


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I considering selling my C6 & getting a shelby. I'm not a drag racer. rather I enjoy power and balance with poise. That said a GT350 would suit me or even a Bullitt (if it had a 6 spd)

Theres a non striped 09 gt500 near Waco 21 k miles. (my vette has 24k. Dealer asking $33,8+

how doi know if its a real authentic Shelby?

what are some caveats regarding these cars i.e. roots superchargers? are they prone to breakage?

can any Ford service dept work on this vehicle?

what are some things to look for when scrutinizing a potential Shelby must purchase?

I'm an adult over fifty & enjoy high performance sports cars but do not compete or drag race. I take extremely good care and dont want a high maintenance vehicle


thanks in advance for tips and advice.


2006 C6, victory red F55 coupe paddle shift auto with the Z51 suspension, brakes and Z06 wheels upgrades. Vararam snake charmer CAI.


previous cars:

06 C5 Z06 CAI

Eldorado Biaritzz

89 IROC Z28 305 vert auto

87 Iroc Z28 350 t top auto

...assrt dually ranch trucks

77, 75, 73, 71, Vette t top 350s

77 datsun 280Z

69 e type jag

'72 Triumph Tr6

'70 Challenger RT 383

'67 Corvette Stingray Vert 327 370 hp

'66 Mustang GT vert 289 cobrapack 4-spd

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GT500's ar genearly reliable. Any Ford dealer can work on a GT500 but like any other car, some ar better than others. Real GT500's are easy enough to verify. you can use the following




While there are fakes out there, most people are up front. They usually wont have the supercharged 5.4. GT500's are somewhat common so you generally have your choice of colors if you dont care for this particular one. Mileage varies wildly. The GT350 is a better handling car. It carries a CSM, Shelby serial number, not available on the GT500 with the exception of the KR version. To some, that is important, others, not. GT350's are hard to find unless you opt for new and the average Ford dealer wont have a clue. The 500 is a better riding car for longer drives. The GT350 will hold its value much better than the GT500. The 2011-13 GT500's are better balanced handling wise, especially the cars with the SVT handling package and they retain a decent ride. The 07-09 are closer to the look of the early cars and that is important to some. Of course, like any other car, the 07-09 can be made to handle as well as the others. It comes down to what you want to use the car for. Like any muscle car, look for signs of severe abuse. Most of the cars have been driven hard at some point, thats what they do but, there are always some rode hard, put away wet.

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everything svttim said above, plus the fact that commonality increases ease of maintenance when compared to a pre or post-title shelby that has been modded by shelby american. if you want to drive the car buy a GT500 from Ford. if you want to store and baby a car for some wishful future sale buy a car modded by Shelby American.

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