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Whats your favorite wheel package ?


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I am kinda taking a poll on which wheels are the most prefered wheels on your 2000-2013 Shelby GT 500/SVT ?


I guess I'm a little old school and do not care for the dark colored or blacked out wheels of todays cars.

In my day everyone was running Crager SS ,Star Mags,Magnum 500's or any other chrome wheel,hell we even had lights under the wheel wells to show-off our chrome goddies at night while crusing our local Big Boy,A&W or where ever was the hot spot of the night,,,LOL


Lets not forget the extra window washer tank under the hood that was wired to a push button with a feed line under the dash to spice up any Coke/Pepsi with your favorite spirit by a push of the button.

Ford van W/Washer tanks were the most desired,they held a full 5th.


Anyway whats your favotite wheel set up?


PS: is there a spell check on this forum? If so where?

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Welcome Res,


I had more than one car with the good ol' SSs on them. But even with my old '66 Fleetside I have and kept "old school", I used chrome or polished pieces as an accent.


There are lots of great looking wheels out there, but once you look, you'll see very few fit a GT500's Brembo set up in the front. Even my favorite Shelby wheel, the chrome CS66 won't fit.




So I've kept my early 07 pretty stock with a set of Shelby Razors in 20". And for GT500s, there's a reason so many are dark....to hide the huge amount of brake dust, at least until you change pads.





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A lot of guys that aren't serious road trackers have had great luck with the AutoZone Duramax Gold CMAX pad, and no dust issues. I've got them on the back and I haven't seen any. I'm running Porterfiled in the front, and although they work great, they still have a pretty serious brake dust issue.

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not to side track... but currently on my '07 there are 9.5 wheels. The wheels i'm looking at only come in 9" or 10". For Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus 255/40/18 tires which would be the best choice?

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My favorite are the Stock 11' GT350 Cragar Rims. As a side note, my all time favorite are on my car now: Old school Torque Thrust D rims on BF Goodwrench 205/60 R 15, but one day would like to change to Goodyear or Hoosier 225/60 R 15 for track use!

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The CS 66 in black is pure class for the 07-09 cars IMHO. If I weren't funneling money into making the car more track worthy I'd be ordering a set of those myself before they're discontinued.

I wasn't aware of any fitment issues with them with the OEM Brembos - a guy I know has them on his '08 GT500 and they fit fine.

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