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Considering purchase


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Have not decided which way we will go (wife and I) but maybe you guys can help us a little.


What are the differences in model year 2008-2013. I know 2013 has the big hp gain


We drove a 2011 and of course great power but front end seemed twitchy, maybe tires?


Ride was rougher than expected.(maybe tires) it had about 7k miles. Comparing this to a 2013 Boss that we are also considering.


If we go the Boss Route most likely keep her G-37 Infiniti, but if a new 2013 or 2012 we may ditch the G-37 and use it for daily driving. Her work is 2 miles but she does make an occasional trip about 400 miles RT. Would do you think?


That's it, please help us, and if you can think of anything else feel free to let me know. This is a pretty new thing for us paying over 40k for a toy


Thanks Bill

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Well - normally being a GM muscle car person - the 2013 Shelby was my first Ford muscle car. I have been thoroughly impressed. It is very refined - ride not too harsh - power is incredible and the suspension set up they did with the solid axle is incredible. The fit finish and quality is equally impressive. The is the first muscle car I have owned and not invested thousands to get it the way I wanted it. It will not have a Infiniti ride though - can be firm if you are used to the G-37. The 2013-14 is a completely different animal from the 2011. You will not be sorry.

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Thanks for your input.


Do you drive the Shelby as your daily driver? I really want to drive the heck out of this thing. Do I need to keep the G-37 at this point? I thought about another Jetta TDI just to run around in but getting my wife back into one of these my prove difficult. Money is not really the issue.I admit, I am a tight-ass and I squeeze every dime out of every dollar I make. I will shop the world for the best deal, and I am in no hurry!!


Are you saying the ride is much better than 11-12's . The G-37 ride is not that great, nor the noise level. My F-150KR is much better in all respect except acceleration and even than the Ecoboost is dang fast.

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