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Totaled while unloading?

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I wouldn't trust that as far as I could throw it...what don't make sense to me is how much freaking damage falling off a car carrier to total a $60,000 plus car..even if it fell on it's roof I don't think it would total the car!!

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I live close (15 mins), but I can't find an address to go look at it. The store for his guy has a lot of OEM take off parts, but I've never heard of anything like this in Belleville. Usually parts like this around here go to a centralized auction.

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I have a buddy who was a car hauler for many years. It's actually surprising how often this happens. Depending on the damage, manufacturers will just file a claim and total the car where an insurance company may not when owned by an individual. They can no longer sell the car as brand new if they do a certain amount of repair, so often it's just easier to total it then go through all that headache. If there was damage to the front of the motor, that means the damage to the car was pretty substantial.

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