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4th Annual “Snakes at the Lake” Tahoe Cruise – Saturday June 22nd, 2013


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With summer just a few short months away, it’s time to post-up notice of “Snakes at the Lake” – 2013, which is scheduled for Saturday, June 22nd. Just like last year, our current plans have us departing Old Town Sacramento and cruising up Highway 50 through the Sierras as we make our way to the lake. We’ll stop briefly for fuel and a rest break at the Chevron station in Meyers and stage at the golf course parking lot across the way. Then we’ll head up scenic Highway 89 on the west side of the lake past Emerald Bay, the Rubicon and Sunnyside areas towards Kings Beach State Park on the north shore, where we’re making arrangements again for a relaxing lakeside BBQ and Car Show.

For a glimpse of what to expect, here’s gt350lp’s PhotoShow from last year: http://www.photoshow.../watch/Me2Yx7Rw

RSVP’s and pre-payment are required for this event so we can anticipate parking layout and determine how many meals will be needed. Please use the gofundme link below to facilitate this transaction. When your payment is confirmed, this will be noted on the roster below. Preferential beachside parking will be issued in the order paid reservations are received. So if you want that perfect row #1 or #2 stall as shown above, sign-up early! After accounting for expenses, any funds left over will be donated to the Carroll Shelby Foundation: http://www.cscf.org/

Cost for attending the event is:

  • $35 per driver/vehicle, which includes facility rental, BBQ lunch and cold refreshments, and new this year (thank lawmakers in Sacramento) – a California state park entrance fee.
  • $10 for each additional guest to cover BBQ lunch and cold refreshments.

Payment Link: http://www.gofundme.com/2gi118 - Reservations are requested by Sunday June 9th, but no later than Sunday June 16th. Thanks!

So mark your calendars and post-up if you’re interested in joining us for a great day on the road and at the lake with other “Powered by Ford” enthusiasts. Please note the year and model of your vehicle when replying so trophy categories can be determined in advance based upon expected attendance.

Note: For ease of editing, I’ll maintain the list of Snakes attendees in Post #2 immediately below.

Here’s the address where we’ll be meeting in Old Town Sac. Front and 101 K Streets, Sacramento, CA 95814
Let’s plan on arriving around 8:00am and we’ll head out about 8:30am.
Note: We’ll be at Steamers on the corner to process your registrations (and get a morning caffeine fix).

Here is a Google satellite street view image of this location: http://maps.google.c...90&z=20&vpsrc=6

Here is a Google map of the route we’ll be taking (for an interesting view, click the 3D button mid-page on the left): http://maps.google.c...&via=2&t=m&z=10

Here is a Google aerial view of the parking facility at Kings Beach State Park, where a 55 stall area is reserved for our exclusive use: http://maps.google.c...&gl=us&t=h&z=20

Here is a link that may be helpful if you are looking to book a room in Tahoe Saturday night: httvorip://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/65474-tahoe-cruise-friday-sat-night-accommodations/

Here are some pictures from 2011’s cruise: http://www.teamshelb...ow/page__st__80

More pictures from our inaugural 2010 cruise here: http://www.teamshelb...0/page__st__180

fabman’s 2012 cruise video:



kahmann’s 2010 cruise video:



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List of attendees to Snakes at the Lake - 2013:

  • SVT NAJA - Concord
  • shelbyguy470 - Tahoe City (our local host)
  • gt350lp - Gilroy / Paid - Donation ( Larry, we hope you are feeling better soon and can join us at the next event! )
  • 5 DOT 0 - Sacramento +1 / Paid
  • Nitro - NorCal +1 / Paid
  • Fat Boss - Morgan Hill / Paid
  • Jason Marshall - SF Bay Area +3 / Paid
  • SR SNAKE - Amador County +1 / Paid
  • f2redpot - Monterey +1 / Paid
  • HRG - South Bay +1 / Paid
  • 07SGT4843 - San Martin / Paid
  • 08GT5004ME - NorCal +1 / Paid
  • lfino111 - SF South Bay +1 / Paid (GT500)
  • itowem - Oakley +1 / Paid
  • 08jester - Livermore +1 / Paid
  • GSHELBYT - S.F. North Bay +1 / Paid + $50 Donation
  • KAM - Pleasanton +1 / Paid
  • rsgt500 - Carson City, NV / Paid
  • Julio - Carson City, NV / Paid
  • Ed - Carson City, NV / Paid
  • mherman - Incline Village, NV / Paid
  • Bookwyrm - NorCal +1 / Paid
  • Little Shelby - S.F. North Bay +1 / Paid
  • Pacifica Boss - Pacifica +1 / Paid
  • Amaury - NorCal +1 / Paid
  • Timber2417 - NorCal +1 / Paid
  • dwattsup - Pleasanton +1 / Paid
  • Oliverc - SF Bay Area +1 / Paid
  • jp1gt - Georgetown +1 / Paid
  • BANVBOSS - Sparks, NV +3 / Paid
  • ShelbyTom - SF South Bay + 4 / Paid
  • H0050 - Marina +1 / Paid
  • 50 Deep - NorCal +1 / Paid
  • Brad Davis - NorCal +1 / Paid
  • SoWeTt03 - Sacramento +2 / Paid
  • lfino111 - SF South Bay / Paid (Boss)
  • caliboy08 - Sacramento / Paid
  • cmos101 - South Bay +1 / Paid
  • cobrakidz - Folsom +1 / Paid
  • Rob & Cindi - Sparks, NV / Paid + $15 Donation
  • Raul & Betty - Reno, NV / Paid
  • Ron Delgado - Sparks, NV +1 / Paid
  • LvnTheDrm - Reno, NV +1 / Paid
  • SVTCguy - NorCal +4 / Paid
  • Ron & Brenda - S.F. North Bay / Paid
  • Richard Fox - Sparks, NV +1 / Paid
  • Roger and Laura - S.F. Peninsula / Paid
  • GTS/CS - Alturas / Paid
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Payment sent for two. I'll be bringing my "trunk monkey" with me. Not sure how much longer he'll fit in the trunk though. :hysterical:





Looking forward to having you and your trunk monkey on the cruise with us again this year. Just a matter of time before he'll be wanting to use the Red Key...



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Paid! Bringing the entire family on this ride. +4





The cruise and day at the lake beachside is a perfect family activity. I'm looking forward to meeting them and seeing your new Shelby!



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Paid!! Me plus one. Coming from Monterey.





Welcome aboard Snakes at the Lake - 2013. We're looking forward to having you with us this year. As we get closer to June 22nd, we'll post up some meet spots in Monterey and the South Bay where you can join the conga line east to Old Town Sacramento.



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Jim I hope its ok I posted this cruise on norcalsvtoa. As I know there will be guys that would like to attend this event.





Thanks for posting the SATL thread on NorCal SVTOA. I noticed several members expressing their intent to attend. I'll stop by later tonight and post an update.



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This was a good time....going to try to make it again this year.





Hopefully your schedule is clear on the 22nd and you can join us again along with another GoPro video installment like the one above.



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This is a GREAT time - Tahoe is AWESOME and Jim along with his team puts on the BEST BBQ . Unfortunately I can't make it this year but save me an ice cream sandwich !





We'll have to check the SPEC calendar when scheduling SATL 2014 so you and Kellie can make it next year.




PS: Remember to post pics of you and Nicole tearing up the track...

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Hi Jim


I am in, had a great time last year.








We did have a good time last year and it's great that you can make it again with your SGT! I'm hoping we'll have a few more in the mix.



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Kevin, I received your message and reservation which I have noted in Post #2 on Page #1. I'm looking forward to having you with us on the cruise again this year. I promise to make the BBQ as good (or better) as last year! We'll see you in OTS on June 22nd.



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Oops, I should have checked the calender first but I really enjoyed last years trip. Turns out Snakes on the lake is the same day as my Mustang Clubs annual car show. Long story short, I am going

to the Lake, I just sponsored the Shelby Mustang catagorie trophy in the name of Team Shelby. I guess it's alright to miss volunteering for the show 1 year out of 17.

Great job on the Roxio video, I have forwarded to some of my friends that have Shelby's and Cobra's. Is it alright to invite a Ford GT? Looking forward to seeing you all again this year.

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Hey Little Shelby

Just booked my room at Cedar Inn & suites near Harveys on Ca. side. Looks pretty good for a lower priced room, rather save the extra cash for some fun in the casino and if I drink, it's

walking distance back. Ha Ha


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