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Horrible Forum Performance - slow and database errors


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It's been awful tonight for quite some time, and even yesterday was getting the same thing in the evening...


Sometimes it comes back after a minute or so for what normally takes "keyboard reaction time". Tonight it hangs for several minutes and if I cancel and reconnect I get the database error. Then 2-3 minutes later it's lather, rinse repeat.


I'll be surprised if this post makes it :)

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Thanks Robert. At least you know and now we know that you know :) I'd rather mention it assuming that you don't know than to assume you did and not mention it, if you got all the double nots !


Must be rough though knowing that your traffic is doubling every few months. !!! Yeah for Team Shelby as the premier site!




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Migration to a new server (and many updates) begins Monday.




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One trick is tabbed browsing. Click on the TS forum link, or to post, or whatever. Then, surf other websites using a different tab / window. After a while your TS page will be loaded. Or, go shopping. Have a drink, maybe some dinner later. Then, come back and see your now-available TS page. Patience is the key!





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