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What clutch and injectors to get?


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Hey guys, this week for some strange reason I decided to go ape nuts with money. Recently purchased bassani headers(now I have full bassani 3 inch o/r xpipe), a tvs blower 2.3, driveshaft, chrome moly k member, and a dynotech driveshaft( too lazy to wait two weeks for the carbon fiber one to be made). Now I just need to know what clutch and injectors I should get? And if possible, maybe a discount code of some sort. Waiting until I have everything before the install so I could do it all at once.




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The dynotech aluminum driveshaft is not a bad call, especially after seeing how many bonding issues there were with CF units.

I've heard good things about the Mcleod RXT twin disc clutch, that is what I plan on moving to when my TSB-replaced clutch gets tired.

Usually an injector upgrade is not required until you start increasing the lower pulley/balancer, according to what you have listed so far.

An oversized lower/balancer is not a bad idea though, the Innovators West 10% over is my choice, along with a HD Green blower belt.

If you want to do injectors anyways, the Injector Dynamic ID725s are pretty good choice.

You never mentioned which TVS you picked up, or the upper pulley size on it, but make sure it is at least a 2.5", or better yet a 2.4" if it fits your blower.

VMP tuning just came out with a 2.5" upper that fits an assortment of GT500 blowers, with no blower mods needed.

Don't forget the pulley tool as well, if you plan on changing your pulley out.

Also not sure if you have them already or not, but make sure you have some decent poly bushing lower control arms, an upper control arm and a heavy duty upper control arm bracket.

If you check out the oem UCA bracket, they are definitely on the thin side and have been known to fail.

If you run the car at the drag strip with those goodies, a driveshaft safety loop is a good idea as well.

Those should help you spend a few more bucks, unfortunately I am not aware of any discount codes.

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I should have mentioned that I decided to get the UCA heavy duty bracket after seeing a hard launching 08 Mustang (with less torque and hp a stock GT500) break his stock bracket at the drag strip, and do some serious damage to the back end of the car.

Here is the bracket I picked up:


and the driveshaft loop I ordered at the same time:


Right now I have Steeda LCAs, but these are really the ones I want to get when funds permit:


I am running a J&M double adjustable UCA, and also have a pair of J&M Extreme LCAs that are probably overkill for my mostly street application.

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Upper and lower Control arms from Steeda were the first thing I did. Before I even got a CAI. But I have the 2013 tvs takeoff along with the elbow, throttle body and stock intake I got for 2 grand. I'm gonna sell those and keep the supercharger and make some money back to possibly buy the clutch. If you say I don't need injectors yet, I might throw the 2.5 on it and call it a day.

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Just had the McLeod RXT put in. 2 weeks before the Bash and did double duty on the track for 2 days.

Hands down the very best.

Just break it in properly.

It is even better than the clutch in the 13-14's.

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