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Z-Man going Green?

old school

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Yes it was.


I sold my old 1995 BMW 3-Series, it had almost 200K miles on it. It was my winter car, so I needed to replace it with something else.


My requirements (in order of importance) were that I had to be comfortable with driving it in the snow, It had to be fun to drive, It had to had distinctive styling, 4 door, cargo room, not too big.....so I ended up with a 2013 Subaru WRX in Ralley Blue.


I has a flat 4 cylinder engine, turbo-charged and intercooled. It makes 265 hp, which is more than the Fox Body Mustang 5.0 I used to have. Handles great, especially in the messy weather. I'm very happy wiith it. I just rolled over 6000 miles last night.


I don't know that I would call it 'green', but it is getting about 22 mpg (a little lower if I can't stay out of the boost).


These cars have a cult following almost as strong as the Shelby's do




ps - I still have the 'yellow' car as well

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