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September 8, 1968 in Philadelphia

Wayne  Grey

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Just ran across the Philadelphia Inquirer from 8 Sept 1968 - It still had some readable car ads - a few that will give you the idea:


1967 Shelby GT500 auto fastback for $2999

1967 Sheby GT350 Fastback for $2599

1960 Corvette for $1395

1967 Corvette Fastback for $3399

1967 Corvette 427 Conv w/both tops for $3499

1964 GTO Conv w/Trips for $1050

1967 GTO for $2399

1955 TBird for $775

1956 TBird for $1200

1957 TBird w/dual quads and both tops (like new) for $1600

1964 Chrysler 300K Conv for $1650

1966 Barracuda V8 with 700 miles on it for $1599


Oh to be back there again - goofed it up a little the 1st time :headspin:

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These were the years (67-72) where American Muscle cars reigned supreme.

I was only a sophomore in High School (68), but that period left in an endelible mark in my goals.

A friend of the family had a '67 Shelby GT500 Mustang (with a "Select-Shift" automatic)... I was "love" at first sight!

Fast forward 40 years, I'm Blessed to be an owner of my own '07 Shelby GT500.

It took awhile, but that's one this a BIG one to check-off the Bucket List! :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet:

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My first car was a brand new 1967 Candy Apple Red fastback Mustang with black int...it had the turn signals in the hood and the Flip down gas cap,auto tran and a 289...The price brand new was $2995.00..Loved that car....

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This bring back memory's, Oct 68 In the Phila. area I bought a 63 Stingray conv. 2 top, 360 hp, Sebring Silver, with 43k miles for $1,700. Sold it in 1975 for 4k, had about 5k of upgrades into it. Sold it because I got tired of putting in parts, (4) transmissions , (3)rear end posi units and(8) half shafts. The more power you put into those cars back then, the more they broke. I never want to go back to those days, cars today are built better and faster.

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