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Anyone here know this car?


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I have been looking for a 2008 Shelby GT with an automatic transmission and found this one on Autotrader



The car looks nice in the pics. They want 31000 for it. The carfax shows 3 owners with the 2nd owner having it for 3 days. Then the 3rd owner date of ownership is 11 months later. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

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Price is a little high, but remember that they only made 195 convertibles with the automatic trans in 08 and if you want the vista blue there were only 180 of them (and some have been taken off the count already). They should come down on it though. Good Luck.

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12,500 miles is high? I would differ in opinion with the members claiming the miles are high. The car is going on six-years-old old - how could the mileage be high? I guess with 9,000 miles mine is almost over-the-hill. The convertibles hold their value well and it is priced about right with for a low mileage SGT convertible. If it was listed at $35,000, then I would say it is a little pricey.


Offer them $30,000 and get before it's gone!

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Gotta love car dealerships, 21 photos but not one photo of the engine compartment.


Mike2c, being that this SGT is for sale by a GMC dealership, I suspect there is room for negotiation on the price.


I also noticed this SGT does not have the IUP package, meaning it only has two guages (not four) along with a cheap looking and feeling steering wheel. The dash also has the cheaper look to it.


One other observation is that this car has spent five years in Michigan. I purchased a car from Michigan that was only two years old and was shocked at the amount of rust underneath. This surface rust was not only cosmetic but also did a number on the parking brake components.



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