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New VMP Stock-Look 2.5" Blower pulleys for ALL GT500 superchargers

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With so many GT500 supercharger options out there now, I thought it was time to make some updates to our supercharger pulley line. I took everything we learned over the past 6 years since the original VMP stock-look 2.65 came out. From material spec, to machining practices, to coatings used. This pulley is fully optimized to look good, fit good, and perform. New coatings allow us to maintain a great belt contact profile. Our experience making not just the pulley but complete superchargers as well gives us a unique perspective. I believe in only making parts that I would want on my own car. The flexibility of this pulley design allows it to be used again if you upgrade to a TVS down the road.


The old standby of the VMP 2.59 has worked great for several years now, but it's time to up the ante We've had experience tuning GT500s on everything from good FL 93 to marginal 91 octane, and even 90 octane in Alaska. There is no reason not to go smaller, you pick up a decent amount of HP and TQ with no heat, fuel system, or reliability issues.


The pulley is coated with a 1-2 mil thick two-stage paint process that improves belt contact and completely seals the metal from moisture to prevent rusting. A full blown paint is used instead of a blackening process that could allow rust to form.


Our new 2.5" pulley produces 13-14psi of boost on a stock 07-12 M122 supercharger. Here is a dynograph from a 2011 GT500 with this pulley, our tune, and an O/R pipe:



With stock cats:



We put a lot of work into designing this pulley so it will fit every Eaton style blower available for the GT500.





It fits the black stock 07-10 blower and the silver stock 11-12 blower.


It fits both versions of the Black FRPP TVS blower (now discontinued). Most people don't know this, but the first batch of black FRPP TVS blowers were made in Australia. They had a distinctive front cover design with protruding ribbing. These blowers have a tapered snout that will not allow certain pulley designs to fit. The VMP 2.5 pulley is clearanced to fit this blower style. Black FRPP TVS's made in the US during the end of the run have low profile ribbing on the front cover and a straight cut snout design, but the snout extends far up into the pulley so it has to be clearanced for the pulley to press on all the way.




It fits the VMP TVS line of blowers.


It fits the 2013 TVS blower.


Expect 17psi when using this pulley on TVS's blowers on a 5.4L GT500 and 15-15.5psi when using it on a 2013 5.8L with a TVS. This pulley is great for 2013 owners that want just a little more than stock.


He is a shot of the shaft and snout concentricity being checked. Because the machining occurs in two different ops there is the possibility for them to be out by a few thousandths, the pulley has to be clearanced to take this into account.





Every pulley is checked with a go/no go gauge to make sure it will press on smooth, there is more variance in the stock Eaton shaft diameter than there is in our pulley bores. The bore is masked during the painting process. A lubricant is not required when pressing the pulley on, but loctite may be used. We do not recommend anti-seize as it contains graphite.





The best part is the new pricing, you can pick up a 2.5-SL for $149 by itself, or $199 with a VMP 90mm idler.






2.5 pulley, 90mm idler, and VMP ultimate pulley tool which makes installation super easy only $299:




Most tunes will automatically adjust for the slight increase in airflow and boost.


If you have a 2.7 or 2.65 pulley now this is a great way to breathe some new life into your stock blower, expect 15-20hp and 15-20tq gain throughout the curve.


At this time we have discontinued the SS pulley option, if there is enough interest we can do a run of them.

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