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Billet idler pulleys for better belt wrap

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New products for the Shelby GT350 and 2011-13 GT's with Roush and Whipple Superchargers.

We work very close with the gang at Metco Motorsports and have put together a idler package designed specifically for Roush and Whipple Supercharger kits.

The stock idlers are 76mm and when you go to a smaller supercharger pulley can leave you with too much belt slack and less pulley to belt surface contact area.

We noticed when we went to a 79mm S/C pulley we had some minor slip, but when we added these idlers all belt slip was gone.


When we jumped down to the 69mm S/C pulley we added a 1" shorter belt along with the idlers and still no issues with belt slip.


By replacing both idlers, the lower pulley behind the water pump with a 90mm and the upper with a 100mm you gain belt wrap on the S/C pulley and take up the slack in the belt.


Now, these are not standard 90 and 100mm pulleys you would get from Metco or any other place. The upper 100mm is machined with the correct offset for this belt system and 6 rib sizing for these blower packages and both come with special sized snub covers in order to not interfere with the water pump pulley.


These are a must if you want to replace your stock S/C pulley with a smaller one! Plus they look great too.

We have them in a complete package or individually


Only $60 each or $119 for both with free shipping


Order here: JLT IDLERS









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