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Very Nice, I almost went with a 2013 Corvette 427, but after a lot of research and test drives went with this instead-




I am curious what your thoughts are between the 2??


You asked !!! Shelby in white looks great not so for the Porsche. Black- silver - red Sorry but you asked on a Shelby site
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I meant what was the thoughts of the OP between the Vette and the Shelby.


I like the White, but I agree Red and Silver look Great, my last P-Car was Guards Red. I will not own another Black car again.


Well I was only talking about color . I would never say anything bad about a porsche cause they deserve nothing but respect from me. Black is not so bad if it's not your daily driver.
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That's so funny, almost bought a Porsche but the Mrs. Talked me out of it. I love the Shelby but I prefer the vette it is a refined auto. I often equate riding in the Shelby as riding in a buckboard wagon. I like the Ford GT that's a nice set of wheels you have. Steve

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