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Welcome to Team Shelby. We have lost of Texans.


Tell us a little about your car.




Well... I picked her up used last summer and she's been around the block a few times but she still runs strong and I love her. 2008 GT500 with a Kenne Bell. Last dyno'ed in June '12 at 670hp with 14lbs of boost. Ran it at San Antonio raceway about a month after I picked it up with a disappointing best 1/4 mile time of 12.1 @122mph on street tires and a bent trans link to the shifter. The car now has 43k on it as it was my primary driver for almost a year but that has changed since I picked-up a Ranger to drive daily now. I just installed a MGW short throw shifter and replace the bent trans link and I've actually been able to power-shift into second and third, although still a little notchy. Other than that, I've listed most of the mods on my profile page and I'm getting ready to install some Eibach Pro lowering springs this weekend. Mods I would like to do in the future include a drive shaft safety loop, 16-18lb boost pulley, and drag radials. So I may be on here looking for a pair of wheels to mount drag radials onto in the near future.

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Howdy Serpentor,

I am the club secretary for the San Antonio Shelby Club. You can find more information on where we will be here , but our next event is going to be at Lester's Automotive in Boerne, TX on March 30th for the 6th Annual Car Show. Some of our members will also be at the Texas Mile this weekend and I will be at Baytown for the Fun Ford Weekend. Hit me up if you have any questions.

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San Antonio Shelby Club (SASC) meets on the 2nd Saturday of the month. The Austin SVT group does a monthly get together as well. SASC will be having a track day at Harris Hill in San Marcos in May. Should be 40 or 50 of us there so even if you dont run your car you can still come out and hang for the day and meet a ton of great people.


There will also probably be a spring scenic drive through the hill country. That normally nets about 30 Shelby's as well. Facebook is a slightly better place to get current info.

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