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Vibration after RST install


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Thanks in advance for everyones help and advice.


Just installed a Mcleod RST clutch ( 6908-07 ) went together pretty quick about 5 hours ( the lift and trans jack helps) clutch feels light and positive.


The problem is that when i was driving it iI felt a vibration between 1500 and 1800 rpm's in first and in second between 1200 and 1500 rpm's . looked on the net and figured out we had forgot the aluminum spacers in the carrier bearing of the drive shaft. Put them back in the next day but the vibration is still there. Besides the clutch the only other change was i went to mobil 1 synth atf for the trans fluid. i'm preplexed , is it break in problem ? atf problem ? or something else. there were no problems before the changes except a slipping clutch. the vibration is only in those two gears at those rpm's .


All help would be apperciated


Thanks Randy

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I recently had the RXT installed. Break in has a lot to do with it.

I also found that the left side of the exhaust was loose and vibrating. ( I didn't install it myself )

The other thing that was brought to my attention by a friend ( thanks Randy, different Randy, for your help here ) this past Wednesday was that there was air in the clutch line.

Unless you plan on bleeding the clutch, simply keep pumping the pedal and drive it as much as you can going through the gears and the air will work itself out.

The air really made the car vibrate a lot at low rpm's in first, second and reverse.

Also, did you change out the clutch tube? McLeod and Ford recommend this when changing the clutch.

Also, recommended that the slave cylinder and carrier bearing be changed.

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Did you mean throw-out bearing?



Yes. Thank you.

The more I look back on what I was experiencing, it seems like air in the clutch line makes sense.

Drive it and break it in.

The RXT blows the stock unit away. I am sure the RST is just as good.

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Thanks for the suggestions . Well to update everyone. Have almost the 500 miles on the new clutch , clutch itself works great am very happy with it. The vibration is still there!! hae repositioned the driveline to see if that is it, didn't help, made sure the carrier bearing was straight. don't know what to do next. It has to be sonmething we did . the day we changed the clutch drove it to the shop it didn't have the vibration.


Thanks all tho


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