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Itching to get her out of the garage...


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I'm so ready for winter to be over. The pic is from the last time I ran it to satisfy my need to hear that beautiful sound. It's almost time to call the insurance company and take her out of storage. Anyone else interested in visiting the Ring this spring?

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Yes! Check it out here. http://www.nuerburgring.de/en/angebote/driving-experiences/tourist-rides-nordschleife/opening-times-nordschleife.html the site is in English as well. Going on a weekday is better because there are fewer cars on the track. Weekends are like a car show...lots of fast cars but its too busy on the track. The part that scares me most is the liability. To enter the track, you have to sign a release...relieving the Ring and any other driver for any reponsibility for damage to your vehicle. If some Ferrari piles into you on the track, there is no fault assessed and your insurance doesn't cover it. Long story short, I go on a weekday to avoid the crowds.


Are you in Europe?

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