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I'm planning to build a restomod Mustang based on a vintage Fastback and looking for a shop that can do almost everything in house. I know where I'm getting the motor from and have at least 1 painter in mind but since I want to run fuel injection on the old motor with PCM not every shop has the equipment and or experience to do this. I'm also using state of the art suspension like Griggs, Total Control, or even the new stuff from Detroit Speed (yes I know their the enemy but their stuff for the 65-70 Mustang is proven itself on the track) so experience with installing these and dialing them in is a must. I don't care where located in the U.S. as paying a little more to get it done right the first time around is more important. Planning to do custom interior so if shop doesn't do it then they might have long time experience with custom upholstery shop. Plan to do custom stereo install.... nothing will be plain


I know not everyone can do everything in house but trying to avoid sending car to there, to here, back to there, and so on


If its a big shop and you got quite a few cars then not interested as don't want to wait 2 years.


I know some places but don't know all of them and would like to see who can do what


If anyone has great experience with places let me know because most of them out there are below average

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