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heads up for anyone ordering carbon fiber rear diffusers


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Since seibon seems to be the only company so far to offer a carbon fiber rear diffuser, I know trucarbon is about to come out with one as well, just thought I'd give everyone a heads up that seibon themselves told me this and also the other companies aren't any better but if you get these pieces they will yellow within a year because of the heat from the exhaust. So DO NOT BUY THEM or you will be sorry.


Unless APR or Shelby comes out with one that has a proper clear coat/gel coat to protect from heat stay away from these pieces.

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Couldn't you buy them and re-finish them if you are a DIY type? Since they are the only ones offering them. Or Seibon going to start selling theirs since they have so much input. Tell them to bring something to market so we don't have to have only th choice of Crap!

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You could have the carbon fiber refinished privately; carbon fiber is strong as hell, so a nice coat on it will preserve that color. If not, carbon fiber is a hugely growing product as well as carbon sheeting of all kind; give it some time, maybe it'll pay off.

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i have had my rear diffuser on for 2 years (tru-carbon) and have no issues with yellowing, the only place heat is near it is top of exhaust TIPS how much heat is really there,and as far as the company you choose is your choice , i dont have any problems ,no yellowing, no cracking,with tru-carbon

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+ 1, I guess I don't get the carbon fiber fever vibe either.



"Carbon Fiber Fever Vibe" . . . Hmmm . . . I kinda like it. It almost sounds like it has the makings of a new pop culture phenomenon.


I have some music theory chops. Maybe I could write the next smash hit based on this concept.


How 'bout:


Carbon Fiber Fever Nights


Saturday Night Carbon Fiber Fever


Carbon Fiber Disco Fever


She's More Than a Carbon Fiber Woman


Disco Duck Does Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber Convoy


Or, one for the Great American Songbook: I Get Sentimental Over Your Carbon Fiber


No? How 'bout just "Carbon Fiber Fever Vibe" based on an endless (and mindless) digital loop with no redeeming musical content whatsoever. People will go crazy for it. I'll split the royalties with you 50/50, and we'll both become instant millionaires.

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Should I feel guilty for not knowing or caring about or losing sleep over what a carbon fiber rear diffuser is or does?



I am not paticular to Carbon Fiber BUT The cheap plastic on our cars is far from attractive. Just sayin!


You shouldn't lose sleep over carbon fiber, but maybe the quality of Material Ford started with on our cars!

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