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New head unit?


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Has anyone put an aftermarket head unit in their GT500? Mine is an 07 Shaker 1000 - no nav. I found some on ebay that are "supposed" to be plug and play with all the latest toys, but of course I'm very skeptical. Would love to get nav and bluetooth and the video screen would be nice. It's scary that I can't find a website for these guys at all. I was thinking of looking at more "reputable" head units, but I have read alot about the Shaker not being compatible. Any experienced voice would be appreciated!!







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That's a big risk to take. My questions would be: 1. How reliable are they? Is the unit going to fail 3 months after you leave positive feedback? 2. It's a lot of effort/money to install that in your car ABOVE the cost of the unit. Did all of the bells and whistles on my truck with an Alpine unit and it took me a better part of a whole day. I'm an electrical engineer. I'd go nuts if that head unit failed!

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