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Widest tire size fitment for 2013


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I would like to get some more rubber on the road especially on the rear. Whats the widest size we can slide under the fenders on the car with the brake upgrade? I will probably add the lower springs to it later.

I have seen conflicts between 295 and 305's for the rear. I will probably get new wheels later so if a different wheel offset from factory is needed to run the 305's I'll wait.


Thanks gang

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I've added the FR Springs. anyone say anything different. I see Mich Pilot Sport PS2's available in 295/35/20 what about Perelli P zeros in same size, also Bridgestone Potenza S001 all in about same price range. I would like to get more rubber to the road but don't want to bump while hitting bumps with lowering springs. Also would prefer not to screw around stretching wheels

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