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New Dust Bunny toon...


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Haven't been able to drive my "Dust Bunny" in weeks due to all of our snow, so did the next best thing and

doodled up a toon of it in action with ol" Link at the wheel.


(It's currently sitting out in the machine shed keeping company with all the John Deere equipment.)



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Thanks everyone, and I still have one more TPS CAR-icature to finish...

However, the start of construction of our backyard pool is becoming a big, but fun, distraction.


Also, was fortunate for the 4th year, to create the CARtoon artwork for the Bash Poker Run.

Any Terlingua folks have all 4 route cards? (WaterMarked as the images are commissioned designs for SAI usage.)



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I wish I had your talent. Love the cartoons.


There is a guy in my Early Bronco forum who does cartoons in the same fashion. Instead of the rabbit, he uses a goat....



A goat? Terlingua had a goat - as its mayor! Until it died from cerosis of the liver from drinking too much. Those who have been know the story....

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