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Shifter for Street/City Driving


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Hey everyone,


I know there's a ton of shifter topics on this board, but had a question that sort of looks at the other perspective. I installed a drivetrain from a wrecked 07 40th Anniversary edition into a 05 GT, which I believe had the Steeda Short throw shifter installed.


After a winter driving an Audi RS4, the Mustang's short throw shifter is kind of driving me nuts. I don't race, so ideally would like to put something in that has a longer throw, and maybe a bit lighter as well.


I've heard good things about the MGW shifter, but am wondering how it compares to a stock shifter in terms of throw, weight, etc... and whether or not I would be better off looking to find a stock shifter?


Also, I'm looking at replacing the clutch to find something that is a bit lighter, with a more progressive engagement than the stocker, I've heard great things about the McLeod RXT, would this be a good choice for me? If so, what type of flywheel are people using?

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Regarding the shifter, the MGW is fully adjustable for throw, so you can tailor it exactly the way you want it. I would avoid the stock shifter like the plague. The length of the throw is not the issue, but how horrifyingly sloppy it is. I referred to it as a "noodle in a bowl of spaghetti." I switched out for a Shelby shifter, and it was a definite improvement over stock. I now have an MGW shifter prepped and ready to go in because I wanted to firm things up another notch. I've never used the Steeda shifter, so I'm afraid I can't offer a direct comparison to what you have.

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