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Dreams and Drivers march 17


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This month's D&D event will be at MSI--a Corvette/gun shop in Roseville. Parking is scattered around the facility but it will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. and the grand prize for the raffle will be a new gun (must be at least 21 yrs old).

We need to make a good Blue Oval showing especially since it's a Vette shop.

*****the flier was bigger than my scanner--sorry the bottom got cut off ****





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I am not familiar with the area so I can't say if there is a cleaning place. I say just bring some mist-n-wipe and some rags. We need to get together at the meet, maybe take a Team Shelby pic ???



Agree on the Team Shelby pic.

Hopefully I won't run into the swarm of random insects like last weekend. All that bug juice added a new color to my paint scheme.

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I'll be there for a little while as I'm doing car stuff most of the day on Saturday. I live about 5 miles from the shop and the lot is very small. 50 cars there might be a stretch. There are usually a dozen Vette's meeting there every Saturday morning.


Saturday I'm leading a group of EuroSunday members from Sac to ThunderHill Raceway so they can take parade laps and see what it's like to take their cars on a race track. I'm helping out our friends at Hooked on Driving and the owner of EuroSunday. Anyone here going?


At both events I'll have BOSSMustangsOnline T-Shirts for sale if anyone wants one.




If anyone wants to stop by my house to clean their cars up in advance send me a PM with your email address and we'll connect. Or we can also meet somewhere and drive in together. We can use the Park N Ride on Taylor at Atlantic/Eureka right off the fwy. It's just past the In-N-out. You can use that lot to touch up your car too.



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Checked out the location--parking is awful. I would say try and get there early so we can park at MSI together. About 40 spots at their location, RV place is behind their bldg and the Engine shop is across the street. At least next month is at a huge parking lot in Folsom at Starbucks.

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